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bbc news and History of Russian Alien Tales (3), interesting






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- Hut, hut! Turn back to the forest to me before! Creaked badly lubricated joints chicken legs, poured out of the cracks trash - and a hut slowly and majestically unfolded to Ivanushka facade. The door index of philadelphia swung open, and at the threshold an old hag doubled up in colorful shawls. - Oh . . ! - Only a witch and said, glancing at his guest. One hand clutched the jamb, the other crumpled shawl across his chest. - Hello, Ivanushka . . . - And you greetings, mistress! Have you not going to Baba Yaga? - Baba . . . I . . . aha! - Old woman swallowed and moved a step - well, what do you stand on the threshold?

Come, come again. Feed, satiated, to the bathhouse in pairs . . . Do not worry, I will not eat you. Ivanushka went into the house, looked around and sat on the bench. index of state Baba Yaga settled on the contrary, watery eyes gleaming from index of movies under tangled gray Cosme. - I came to you on the case, a grandmother, - Ivan began. - Of course, in the case - Yaga nodded, pushing the index of microsoft pot to Ivan. - Do you eat, eat, my dear. Youll have time index of news blog yet to tell. - Im not hungry, thanks. - Ivan sniffed. - Cabbage soup? - They are the most. Do you? - Aha! - Ivanushka took the spoon. - Well, maybe, only to try . . .

Vasilisa notably my soup cooked . . . - Really? - Politely asked, Baba Yaga. - Ugum . . . - Ivanushka nodded with his mouth full, swallowed and said: - I, incidentally, on this occasion came. - Regarding the soup? - Grunted Yaga. - No, about the Vasilisa. I stole it Koschey, scum like that. Where cases - are unknown. They say you all in the world knows, maybe you know where I look for her? - Perhaps you know - a wooden voice said Baba Yaga. - Tell me! - Ivanushka leaned forward, almost knocking on the floor with a pot of cabbage soup. Baba- Yaga lowered her head index of dating and stared at his hands, as if nothing interesting had index of online ever seen. In a moment, casually asked: - Do you love her? - Morthan life itself! - With a sense of Ivanushka said. - And Vasilisa . . . it kind? - She . . .

Beautiful! - Ivanushka smiled dreamily. - What are you talking about . . . And if Koschey turned her into a frog? - And he turned? - Vtrevozhilsya Ivanushka. - Maybe yes, maybe no. Respond when asked! - Shouted the old woman. - It does not matter - shook his head Ivanushka. - For me it is always beautiful. Even if the index of where frog. - And how do you it, a frog, among others know? - My heart will tell! - Without a shadow of doubt answered Ivanushka. - Heart, you index of inexpensive say . . . Baba Yaga smiled crookedly - as can smile just broken lives, all had seen the old witch. - Well then, listen, dear.

What is the truth to say. Enchant your Vasilis Koschey Immortal and imprisoned in the tower. Lying index of weekend there she nor alive nor dead, like a stone. And none of its charms can not. Thats something to behold. - And what to do, grandmother? - What to do . . ? Yes, theres nothing to be done . . . - Can not index of san this be a grandmother! There must be some way out! Baba- Yaga looked up at Ivanushka. And then he looked away. - Well, yes, yes.

There is one way out. Kill Koshcheev - and goes down a spell. - And how to kill him? Hes immortal! - Never mind that the Immortal! His death, if you want to know, at the end of the needle. A needle in the egg, egg in a duck, a duck in a hare, a hare in the chest, chest on the oak, and oak - on the island of Buyan. index of review - And the island Buyan where? - Do not know. Search. - Yes?

Well, thank you, Grandma, for the advice. Rescued. Ill go, perhaps. - Where are you at night? Tarry at least, tomorrow is . . . - Wiser, I know.

Not once to me. Im going to the island of Buyan search. Before I make it - faster Vasilis his save. - So after all night . . . index of microsoft - Yes that night? We, the warriors, the usual. Maybe not perish. - Well at least pasties on track? - Patties? Thats good. Let cakes.

Baba Yaga slowly gathered Ivanushka knapsack, and put the pies, and some medicinal herbs, and embroidered towel . . . - If you will be quite difficult - throw the towel on the ground. And heres another soap and comb. If the towel does not help . . . - They also drop to the ground? - Yes. - To the woods grew up?

And the mountain? - Yes - nodded Yaga. - Cunning! - Nodded Ivanushka, putting soap and a comb in his knapsack. - Vasilisa my mistress, too, was on that stuff. Ivanushka knapsack slung over his shoulder, leaned over to Baba- Yaga and kissed her forehead. The old woman stopped, throwing open his eyes wide. - Thank you, Grandma, for everything. The age of your kindness will be remembered! index of ebay - Take care of yourself . . . Ivanushka! - Hardly said Baba Yaga. Stretched out her hand index of review to stroke Ivanushka on the cheek, but he had already turned and walked away, in a fast twilight. The old woman rubbed her face vigorously with dry hands and returned to the hut. - Well, and what you tell him? - Rasped scientist Raven. - None of your business! - Snapped a witch. - What kind of wild nonsense about the needles in the duck? What, could not he just say that Koschey- the same people, like everyone else? He eats every day Rejuvenating apples - thats not aging.

A index of dating crack index of russia in the head with his sword index of news blog - and all business for you! - Bright- eyed one! index of download - Grimaced Yaga. - Itself I know that he was not immortal. Yes only . . . Baba- Yaga sighed and began to wipe the apron and without a clean desk. - Do not make out with Ivanushka Koshcheev. They know how many guards! Yes, and Koschey too . . . not a gift. Oh I know. - Well, you fool! - Raven contemptuously barked. index of airport - Sam, that I do not understand - Rejuvenating apples - your only chance! Ivanushka would tell it as it is, I think he would not understand? To further save you, if not him? - I can not! - Baba Yaga sat down on index of ship a bench and crying. index of hawaii - Well, I can not him to certain death to send!

Better to let . . . so. - Well, the devils horns why do you send it to? After all, no no same island Skipper! And never did. Do it myself just invented. What do you do fool of Ivanushki?

After index of japan all, he believed, would now seek. Could, perhaps, to lie, though no longer any Vasilisa; Koschey ate it, and spit out slippers? - Could not - sigh Baba Yaga. index of holiday - Well, it can be completely deprived of hope? Language is not turned. Yes, and would not have believed it to me.

Ive known him . . . The old woman sobbed and wiped her nose with his sleeve. - And so . . . Well, let him be a fool . . . but the living will.