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frontier airline news

I lay on the massage table, massage therapist told to undress completely, and that he will cover me with a towel - for the best effect of relaxation. Okay, I thought, he knows better, especially because the masseur was quite a nice man in my taste - dark, with elaborated torso and coarse hair, I suddenly thought that he had, they are everywhere.

I liked it, so I undressed without objection - would flirt with him. He covered my ass with a towel and began to gently massage my back, neck and shoulders. I must say that my neck is sensitive to gentle touch, and I was covered with small ants on the fun that was not lost on young men. He froze for a moment, ran his hand down the back, as if checking to see what had happened. I involuntarily slightly arched back, lower abdomen ached a little.

Masseur pretended that nothing was happening and began to continue, apparently wanting to warm me again. I rubbed his back, he went down to the legs. Stretching back, he now and then touched my ass, because the towel moved down, and I still could not understand, especially it does or not. I have really wanted him to touch me, not just as a massage therapist, and to caress me, touch unknown man to my naked body is incredibly excited. Maybe Im already a little flowed, because the clitoris pleasure podnyval.

I would like to touch it herself, and rub, rub, rub it until the finish.

But I lay quietly, and enjoy all these thoughts and touches his hand. Here it is finally finished with the back, and realized that now he will begin to massage my legs, oh, yeah, come on, most would have to experience this.

He was led strongly by my lyashechkam, one by one, then on another, and from this they formed a little wider . . Suddenly he in these movements touched my hand sponges. It has become abundantly clear that Im wet, because the touch was so light, delightful and moving . .

I pierced the desire, I was ready to open your legs and just grab his hand and get to fondle me. But I restrained myself, knowing that he did not do it accidentally, and will soon be continued.

And sure enough - he began to stroke my legs above the knees and hurt sing hot swollen pussy, from which flowed the grease. I held back so as not to groan, and waited for what he would do. And suddenly I felt a touch of the lips and tongue to the back. Started, I thought.

He began to drive language on my skin, going down lower and lower, and then I ceased to restrain his groans, and tubby, after which he ran between my legs his palm. I strongly spreading her legs to the maximum open herself to him for petting. He began to nibble and lick my ass, and gently stroking my lips, without touching the clitoris.

Im moaning do not hesitate nothing, I only wanted one thing - that he stared into my clit.

But he, knowing this, waiting time, and aroused me even more. Caressed my ass, he went down to my mouth open pisechki, and finally began to do what I was waiting for. Apparently, he liked to lick, because it did so skillfully and with pleasure. I was lying on his stomach while he managed podlezt everywhere began with sponges, biting them, and thus put his thumb into the vagina, then began to lick the ass and led me with his finger.

I was dying of pleasure, but to orgasm was still far off, that I was glad - I wanted to enjoy for a long time. Then he made his way to the clitoris, and that touched his lips, then tongue and walked a couple of times strained his tongue, pulling me into frantic cries, and he took it into his mouth, began to suck . . . Oh, what a pleasure it was, his fingers were farther into the vagina, clitoris and it sucked, nibbled and licked. I just screamed and squirmed, already having had time to flip over onto his back.

It soaked into my lubricated finger on his other hand and started caressing my ass, and slowly brought her finger and there, and began to drive them and turn inside without stopping to suck. Finally on this, I quivered in ecstasy.

I think what happened to me this has never happened before - I squirmed, moaning, twitching, screaming, out of my chest were the groans and sighs, but he would not let my clit from his mouth and continued to fondle ass, prolonging my orgasm.

I finished and lay first with their eyes closed, not daring to look at it, but curiosity overcame, and I opened my eyes. He smiled at me and said I was very tasty.

I looked below and saw that his penis is spike, pulling the fabric of medical pants. In again I felt the desire to wake up and whined his stomach, while the clitoris was still burning from a previous orgasm. I smiled at him and held out his hand to his penis. He moved, and I released him from his pants and grabbed his hand. He sighed and closed his eyes, apparently, it got a huge tension member swelled and was covered in swollen veins in which blood throbbed.

I must say that the term he was a handsome, smooth, big, it wanted to caress, the more that I just like to fondle a member of the man.

I began to stroke his dignity by telling him compliments, he opened his eyes and began rubbing and kneading my chest, pulling at her nipples. Im just amazed his patience, his cock burst from the strain, and he calmly waited until I start . . . I enjoyed his touch and began podrachivat him to fondle testicles, perineum and pridvinuvshis closer, hugged golovochku mouth. He groaned, it was evident that he was waiting for this searing pleasure.

I slowly began to suck the head, caressing his tongue hole, his cock twitching that I was madly in tune. Then I licked at the base of his cock, began to lick the crotch, he parted his legs slightly to give me crawl everywhere and then just stood over my face, legs apart, knees, opening me access to all the erogenous zones. Specifically, he was an expert in sex.

I was nalizyvat him crotch, balls and even the anus, I was so wound up that I am bursting with desire to climb everywhere, to surrender fully, no hesitation, I have not experienced.

He moaned, enjoying what is happening, then slightly declined, suggesting that it was time to go to the principal, giving my mouth a nice dick. Suck it has been a pleasure, so it was aesthetically pleasing, even coarse hair, which I guessed at the outset, gave him an incredible sex appeal. I began to suck him, driving in his mouth over his cock tongue, sucking with gusto, smacking and groaning m excitation, helping hands to caress his back and testicles, while the other hand, plucking at his nipples and then down to her feverish pussy. His cock was in my mouth, nice smelling and great, but I caressing himself with his right hand and began gently led to his lips, and then began to fumble klitorok. The reception was infallible, I started blowing, sucking, I just started furiously tongue went around his cock like mad, I was moaning with pleasure stick your mouth on his penis with a frenzy and rubbing herself between her legs, feeling the approaching orgasm.

He groaned with such pressure, and suddenly began to move violently will drive me deeper into the members mouth, pressed my face while I tightly hugged his lips, because I realized that he ends up, and she quickened the pace and began to rub his palm and tear his clitoris finger at such a rate that did not finish was simply impossible. We both shook, I squirmed like a snake, his sperm flooded my mouth and face, attracted waves of orgasm, I continued sucking him and rubbing himself drives us to distraction, he moaned and he growled a strong orgasm. Finally, we both finished and he fell down beside me on the couch.

Pleasant smell from him then and desire, I laid her head on his beautiful body, and he began to stroke my back. So we lay there for 20 minutes, coming to himself, even dozed off. I opened my eyes and began to admire his handsome torso and the place where the stomach goes into a groin. It was very nice, tight black hair, tight muscles and powerful member, which is now opal and lay on his leg. I began to stroke his hair on the belly and groin, but he had me on my back and ass, thrusting my finger between popochek, touching my . . .

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newspaper russia sport

My name is Sergey. I am 18 years old. This story happened to me 2 months ago. I live with my mom and her sister.

I came home from school, I was kindly met my aunt, her name was Marina - it was a girl of about 45, slim, beautiful, with small breasts. She had no husband and children, so she lived with us. Make me breakfast, she suggested a swim in the tub to begin with, which I gladly said yes. I went into the bathroom, undressed and decided to relax a little masturbate, I am very fond of this occupation to make it in the bathtub. Suddenly my aunt came and offered to rub my back, I do not know what to say, I was terribly excited, but deny it, I still could not " Yes, certainly" - I said It is like a caring mother, picked up a sponge and smooth movements began to rub my back.

This made me even more excited.

Suddenly, her hand slowly started to fall down and caressed my buttocks. Then Aunt Marina put her hand on my standing member of: " Oh, yes You like, Sergei" - said Auntie Im blushing from such shame, she did not say. She began defiantly to masturbate my dick. I was still a virgin until my penis yet no one has ever touched, so I was a terrible start.

I started to moan and finished on her hands. " Its my turn, my sweet" - said my aunt. She undressed completely and I first saw her naked. Has brought me so that my cock back stronger. She gently moved me into the tub and said: " Nuka play with my pussy, my dear" I awkwardly held out her hand to her thighs and reached her vagina.

Softly parted lips sex I began to introduce his finger a. EDee - Ive seen in porn movies. Aunt moaned sharply " Take me, Serge, I want you" I had no choice as to fuck my aunt. I gently turned it to his ass, so she turned to me with cancer.

I have tried to foist his penis in her, but she timidly answered: " Do not go there because, you that the first time Stoll? " " Aha" - " I said hesitantly. " Well, let me help you" - said her aunt, and picked up my dick and she started to type it in yourself. " And now, lying down" - she ordered. I was excited at the limit and could not stop, although he realized it was my aunt. I started to fuck her all dramatically speeding up and speeding up the pace. She liked this very much. She began to moan loudly, even though my penis was average size and surprisingly I did not do.

After 15 minutes, so I fucked with a big finish at the conclusion of air her buttocks. She quickly turned to me and sucked my cock.

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river falls wi news

He would know Pushkin! RA was, undoubtedly, smart woman. It might not scruple to 40 years, and the delight in the beautiful tanned body is a flexible, tight tasty bulging thigh high, firm breasts, long, well- groomed hands and smelling like a particularly fresh and exciting, with a neat red nails.

Her face betrayed her in an excellent educator, a sensitive, understanding and demanding, but also and lustful female, changing the expression of a woman searching for irony, and dreamy, before the terrible failure and upset students or the machinations of our senior directors. In general, for Peter it was a paragon of female beauty, and looked up from his desk, he saw how she experienced, and tempting him, absorbing her juicy ripeness as good vino. U Peter she led the Russian language and literature on Mondays and Wednesdays . Already in the fifth grade, he felt the first tentative call of the flesh, Peter threw a furtive glances at her, admiring the curve of her body under the sun, when she wrote on the blackboard. Turning to the window and looked scornfully at Lena Kobzikovu, fat, pimply classmate, he hesitantly giving the will of his imagination, presenting a locked room, a bedroom with black sheets, it is ridiculous to say the school canteen.

Secret desires forced orgasmic pulsating veins on his temples, and called to the trousers that sweet tension when uncomfortable and want to climb up his hand in the pants.

Sigh convulsively, he watched the movements of her wet pink tongue in the crack of sweet lips, when she deeply inhaling the air, begin to talk about the conflict between reason and feeling? 2vom in the immortal work of some Griboyedov or gave a case study of constructing a poem or a sonnet in Western literature.

During this her hand as if mechanically slid over the warm magenta fabric of her favorite- fitting dress, which looked through a lovely nipples and wanted to tickle the lips or drastically compress the toes. Looking at her slim knees and hips with dark stockings, caressing this symphony of curves, Peter, trembling, eyes above, where in his imagination, loomed a neat triangle of hair, and sank a finger, and even the language in a moist and pungent depth. During this time he heard a symphony waking her moans and sobs to muffle all sounds in the world. When a stern voice softened, RA, and a smile blossomed on her cheeks, Peter caught, listening, notes of pleasure and a dream seen that face before him, shaken by a tremor of ecstasy.

Movement in its broad backside boards were smooth and perfect, and in his eyes, slipped on a class in search of " new victims" felt shades of lust, but for some reason both tired and bruised. Before joining the veterinary department of the local high school Peter has agreed with the teacher on several preparatory studies.

He was probably her best student, and she treated him kindly irony, and at the same time demanding than the others. The lessons obviously were Peters favor. Each time, going into her small and tastefully furnished flat ( RA has been divorced from her husband and children to grow up) , he breathed the sweet fragrance of her " nest" , her perfume, washed clothes, even books here smelled a little differently, not like home. In this case it momentarily covered the same feeling as in the classroom, only increased a hundredfold.

Once the door was not opened for a long time, and Peter, glancing at the humble rubber galoshes near the door, was about to leave. But suddenly the door opened, and called softly to her familiar voice. A, covering his chest with a towel and holding a fluffy brown hair, apologized and invited him to enter: " Oh, sorry, forgot, you come in and I am now. " The student spent some time in the kitchen smelling of freshly- baked biscuits, watching color wallpapers and covers of glossy womens magazines on the windowsill. The bathroom could hear the splash of water.

After several long minutes, RA appeared in a wide gown and towel on your hair. " And I did and forgot, you excuse me, please" - she said cheerfully, and, opening a textbook, given some exercises to do, but she went into her bedroom.

The word " bedroom" will be in our story, conditional signal the beginning of the love of action. Here, the word takes Petr.

Tak here, giving me a job, she went into the bedroom. To hell with these boring exercise, I thought. In the reflection in the kitchen door, I saw how she took off her robe, revealing a dainty body. This beauty, she closed the light house dress, with wide- cut front. I watched spellbound as she bends, saw his chest, right half- turned, sometimes she shuddered, referring to himself in delicate places, without even noticing.

Suddenly, she turned quite sharply and caught my eye.

I immediately bent down so shamefully over the book, and the lines treacherously danced purple snakes. " Pete, youre all watching me? " - Sounded behind her severe voice. I have already opened his mouth to stammer more or less suitable excuse, then blurted out as himself badly frightened: " Do you an amazing body. This is beautiful. You excite me, Do not talk nonsense.

She sat on a chair some distance away and started flipping another tutorial. You both stared at me in class. And then wiggle like a madman.

You think I do not notice?

All this looks like a childish. Yes its true, she did stress on the last word. Tension eased. " But you I really like it. And yes, I sometimes just can not sit still. Especially if you wear your favorite dress with a rose on his chest . . . " She broke sharply, but then took himself in hand. " You, Peter, think that I dress too provocatively for their age?

Well, its too much! You should think about what you say.

Turning away, she began to pour tea. Her neck and beckoned me, and flushed lips after a shower and waited to see what I have vopyus. - You must have so long been without a man . . . - brazenly escaped me. I quickly took a deep breath, and that she had not come into a rage, he asked: " Can you kiss? " From surprise RA shuddered, turned sharply and leaned forward slightly. I caught a flash of this movement and a moment later fell to the burning and wet lips. She tried to resist, but her eyes are wide and surprised at first, slowly closed.

Dark eyelashes covered crack. However, it quickly ended. Breathing heavily, she pushed me away, quietly saying " Peter, do not" with the most delightful moaning note in his voice.

In my already burning fire, and I was not going to stop.

He jumped up and nearly upset the chair, I wrapped her strong waist, as if afraid that RA can break free and fly away, and very close to him that she felt in me a man. A few seconds later, she softened and I began frantically kissed everything he saw - these lovely neck, lips and fingers.

At this time, my hands are looking for a way to dragotsennnomu treasures hidden under a thin layer of tissue. " We go into the bedroom, we can see from the home front" - she whispered, patting me on the head.

I picked her up, as eighth- and gently carried her to the elegant wide bed, edakii trahodrom, covered with a blue silk sheets. I was trembling like a fit when overthrown by the little that I was, totally naked, and excitedly sticking member which during our game just reached monstrous proportions, I stood in admiration, looking as she falls. - Youre beautiful and strong - the teacher whispered from under the blanket. Why do not you go to bed. I Move over.

Long did not have to beg. I dived into the sea of silk and warmth. Immediately our bodies intertwined in a sensual kiss.

I honor to Do not tore her thin lace panties.

In the excitement it seemed half of the blanket and leaned over me. God, how she was lovely.

From the former strictness is not a trace.

It was just a girl who wanted to love and be loved! From kisses I went on to caress his chest, pinching his nipples, pulling at their language, and gradually descending below, satiny smoothness of the stomach with a neat little navel. She sobbed weakly, as mild pain.

Gently he took his hands, closed their dense thickets of pubic, I clung to her moist pussy profusely, breathing acrid and sweet smell of a woman.

Her body trembled waves, and vagina turned into a fiery sea. Bespattering one hand behind his head and squeezing the other breast, she murmured - fuck me, oh as well.

Still rubbing her fingers, I slowly spread her legs and awesome, being among them, took the term in his hand. He was ready to explode, and the testes were bloodshot and just burst from the thick seed.

A little tease her and wiggle your head on genital lips, I waved her hips and began to sink into it.

RA convulsive sob and put her hands on my buttocks. Grasping them, she began to push me deeper inside, then upstairs, very moving beneath me then forward then back. Barely restraining himself, I stopped, whispering - not so fast.

We belong to each other, are woven on a luxurious bed, I ran his finger over her lips, kissed her swarthy neck, feeling the frequent attacks of her heart. But then again we started our voluptuous race. I will barely entered into it, then abruptly plunged into.

She only moaned, closing his eyes and moving his eyebrows and wrinkling his thin nose. I fucked her like a wild stallion, mare, boldly and dramatically, it was even heard as a bed beating against the wall. We are delighted with our heavenly flight a few minutes. Suddenly, she frantically squeezing me, screamed, and I felt a rapid reduction in its fiery vagina. After a few seconds of ecstasy arched my body covered with sweat, and I began to finish, as if filling the juice love it all.

Inside me as if something broke. She just smiled lustfully, throwing out ruki. Kachnuvshis few more times, I am pleased sigh, sat down on the blanket next to her, throwing her shoulders with his hand. It is like a little girl trustingly leaned against my chest. - So good, dear.

My God . . .

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stuart va newspaper

And this winter will be . . . The sun at noon will shine more brightly, causing snow to melt, infiltrate in small streams in wet soil, to turn into a puddle on the asphalt, sound drops at a distance from the roof to the ground. And the air will whisper freshness . . . This winter will be, like thousands of others . . .

And on tiptoe quietly, as if air swirl on the surface of the water, weightless steps on the soft black earth tread spring. Green morning shy smooth hand to knock you out the window. And the lilies bloom in your broken heart . . .

This spring, everything will be different . . . Alarm clock on the bedside table will be broadcast on other notes, wander the sleepy consciousness, signaling that a new day has come. Emerald strands stretched to the sky the grass . . .

detroit tv news Cain - Stephen King "- Read the mystical and fantastic, funny and scary, children,






detroit tv news

From the flooded streets May sunshine Gerish stepped into the twilight obschezhitskogo hall, his eyes did not immediately adapted to the changing lighting, and the bearded Harry seemed a ghost, disembodied voice: - That bitch, eh? " Can you imagine what a bitch! - Yes, - said Gerish - it was really hard. Now he could see the bearded: he scratched his pimply forehead, nose, cheeks and glistening beads of sweat.

He was wearing sandals and a shirt with a badge, notifying the world that Hoad Doody - pervert. Bearded snarled, exposing jagged yellow teeth: - Well, I had to shove the exam back in January. And all the time saying to myself that I must do it, and as soon as possible.

And then another re- take - well, I think thats all. re A poor my business. I thought the cure, I swear! Commandant stood in the corner near the mailboxes. The unusually high, something vaguely resembling Rudolph Valentino.

With one hand she tried to cram into the place of falling bra straps, other fastening to the stand of some ordinary statement. - It was hard, - repeated Gerish. - I would like you to cancel, but this type, he sees everything, really, everything! Thats because the son of a bitch . . .

What do you think you have earned their " A" ? - Maybe I failed, - calmly told Gerish. Bearded jumped on the spot: - You think you fail? YOU! But . . . - Ill go take a shower, okay? - Yes, of course . . . Course.

It was your last exam, Court? - This was my last exam, - said Gerish and went to the stairs.

Old stage. Smell indelible socks. His room on the fifth floor . . . The fourth went to meet the bespectacled scallywag, pressed to his chest, as the Bible, spravocho 8k on higher mathematics. Moving lips - logarithms or something, remember? - Completely empty eyes.

Court held his gaze. Scallywag would look much better dead.

He was a ghost, a shadow on the wall. Shadow swung a couple more times and disappeared. Through the filthy window could be seen as Queen and another idiot with hairy as a gorilla, legs, play ball. Gerish climbed to the fifth and walked across the hall.

Pig Pen had left two days ago.

The four exams in three days, all captured for all paid. Pig Pen is able. Things are assembled quickly and accurately, leaving only its beauties on the wall, a pair of dirty socks and ceramic sculpture: a man on the toilet, a parody of the " Thinker" Rodin. Gerish turned the key in the lock. - Court!

Hey, Court! - Across the hall approached Rollins, elder floor, a young man with a donkey stupidity and stubbornness, recently sent one of your friends at decanal committee for drunkenness. Rollins was a tall, well built and always looked glossy. - Court!

Youre all done? - Yes. - Do not forget to wash the floor in a room and fill out the inventory. - Yes. - Im in that form on Thursday threw you under the door, right? - Yes. - If Im not too throw it under the door list and key, agreed? - 0key. Rollins took his hand and quickly, vigorously squeezed.

His skin was dry and rough, shaking hands gave such feeling as compression in the palm of a handful of salt. - Are you happy to spend the summer, man. - Yes. - Look, do not peretruzhdaysya. - No. - As they say, eat it - but not abused. - Will. And I will not. Rollins second or two looked puzzled, then laughed: - Okay, bye! He slapped Gerisha on the shoulder and walked back, stopping along the road from someones door demanding to muffle the music.

Gerish clearly saw it in the grave, cold, white, with flies, slapped orbit. Oblivious to everything. How these flies.

You will eat the world or the world will eat you = = in any case, all ok, everything goes according to plan. Gerish stared back outgoing Rollins, then walked into the room. Without an abundance of things that cluttered up all the space when he was here Naine, the room seemed sterile. Uncovered cushions on the bed, a neighbor had battered and dirty. Two girls from the magazine " Playboy" smiled a frozen smile mannequins, staring vacantly into space.

That half of the room, where dwelt Gerish, has not changed - the same military order: throw a coin in the straight line spanned by the veil, and it will bounce. This is somewhat reminiscent of barracks and strongly acted on the nerves Piggy. English major with a touch of snobbery and verbiage, he called Gerisha " man in a case.

On the wall = = only one big poster. Humphrey Bogart.

He wore suspenders and a pistol in each hand. When Gerish bought this poster in the college bookstore, Piggy did not fail to notice that and pistols, and suspenders symbolize impotence. Gerish worried, do not you think so, although nothing ever read about CGBS. He went to the loo door, opened it and pulled out a Magnum 352, which his father, Advisor to the Ministry, gave him last Christmas. Optical sight Gerish bought himself in March.

Of course, possession of a weapon in a room barely allowed the rules of the hostel, even if it is hunting. And the cartridges you are unlikely to give - but is it difficult to get around all these difficulties? In stock college mess obviously, the inventory has long been carried out. Gerish hid his Magnum in the fishing line for the football field - a waterproof cover excludes any trouble - and took him early yesterday morning, when everyone was asleep. Gerish sat on the bed, gripping the barrel in his hands on his forehead of sweat.

From his seat thinker knowingly looked at him.

Gerish rose slowly crossed the room and abruptly whisked off the table figure. It shattered into tiny glittering fragments, and then there was a knock at the door.

Gerish shoved a pistol under the bed: - Come in! It was Bailey in his eternal underpants. Around the navel - black matted hair.

There Bailey was not the future. He must marry the dull Kvoka and produce yet a lot of stupid children. Then die - from cancer or, for example, from kidney failure. - How is your exam, Court? - Its okay. - And I have tomorrow. Can you pick up your records? - This morning I burned them with other rubbish. - Ah- ah- ah . . .

Well, sorry . . . Oh, God!

That Piggy did? , = = He stared at the remains of the Thinker. - I have no idea. - But why?

Why he needed it? I loved this contraption. I wanted to buy it from Piggy, and voila . . .

In Bailey were small and sharp, like a rat facial features. Shabby indeterminate color underwear sitting sideways. Gerish clearly saw him die from holetsestita. With an oxygen bag. And the yellow face. " Ill help you" - thought Gerish. - Hey, if Ill nip these women, Piggy is not too offended? - I do not think too much. - Okay.

Bailey crossed the room, splashing on my bare feet, carefully avoiding the ceramic shards, and pulled the photos. - And your banner with Bogart too bad. Though he had no boobs, but something else is hanging, ha! Bailey looked on the court, expecting him to smile.

When this did not happen, he asked: - I hope youre not going to throw this picture? - No.

Im going to just take a shower. - 0key. Well, good for you to spend the summer, if no longer see each other. - Thank you.

Bailey turned around, showing his ass sagging pants, and walked out. At the door he stopped: - So you have another four. Court? - Well, yes. - Good.

See you next year yet? He went out and shut the door.

Gerish sat for a while, then pulled out a gun, dismantled it and cleaned. He put the muzzle to the eye and stared at the small circle of light. The barrel was clean.

He collected weapons. In the third bureau drawer were three heavy boxes of ammunition. Gerish opened the window, went to the door, locked it, returned to the window and looked out into the yard. Bright, covered with green grass area was full of people strolling students. Quinn and his friend, a retard is still chasing the ball.

They scurried hither and thither, as scalded with boiling water cockroaches. - Let me have something to tell CGBS, - said Gerish - God mad at Cains, because that seemed to be God - a vegetarian.

His brother was informed.

God slyapal world in their image, and unless you zhresh world, the world eats you. And then Cain asked his brother: " Why did not you tell me? " But my brother replied: " Why do not you listen? " Cain said: " 0key, now I heard.

He killed his brother and said: " Hey, Lord, You want meat? You roast, or ribs, or steak Abel, or what? " And God smeared his heels fat and kicked out of Eden. Thats . . .

And what do you feel about all this? CGBS silent.

Gerish more comfortable at the window, his elbows on the sill, making sure to shine the trunk was not visible from the outside. He looked in sight.

On the other hand were female dormitory housing Karltoka, more commonly known as " sucharnya. Gerish translated sights on the big shiny Ford.

Near car student, blonde in jeans and a blue mayketop chatted with her mother. Pope, balding, red- type, packed bags in the trunk. Knock at the door.

Gerish waited. They knocked again. - Court? I brought you something for your poster. Discover come on! Bailey.

Court silent. The girl with her mother over something fun laughing, not knowing that all of them - germs ciliates in a puddle, without meaning and bustle of the wing . . . My father joined them, and they stood laughing under the bright sun = = family portrait on the crosshair sight. - Ah, well you to the torn mother - swore Bailey. His bare feet pattering down the hall. Gerish pulled the trigger.

Magnum poked him in the shoulder.

A good strong push, saying that the weapons are located correctly. Blonde hair came off with half his head. My mother continued to smile in a moment of inertia, then, holding his hand over his mouth, screamed.

Gerish fired. Palm and the head disappeared in a bloody mess. The father, throwing bags, turned to flight. Court caught him in his sights and shot in the back. Dropping the gun, Gerish looked out the window.

Queen, clutching the ball, staring at devchonkiny brains smeared on the inscription " No parking on the pavement. He did not stir. And all around were not moving, as if suddenly froze. Someone is knocking, then pulled the door handle. - Court?

Are you all right, Court? I think someone . . . - Eat and drink their fill, Merciful!

Eat! , = = Exclaimed Gerish and fired. He missed, and the Queen began to run. It does not matter: the second shot Gerish bit him, and his body flew a couple of meters before falling. - Court Gerish shot! - Yelled Bailey. - Rollins! Rollins, hurry here!

Feet pattering down the hall. Now all fled. Gerish heard their cries.

I heard the tramp of feet on the stairs.

He looked at Bogarts. CGBS clenching their guns, looking into the void through the courts. The floor gleamed what used to be a thinker. I wonder what is in the process Piggy?

Sleeping, watching TV or eating a delicious hearty meal. Eat the whole world, Piggy. You swallow it without a grimace. - Gerish! - Rollins is banging on the door - Gerish, open up! - It is closed - shouted Bailey - he was not himself, he shot himself, I know! Gerish put the barrel in the window.

The boy in the striped shirt, hiding behind a bush, staring intently into the dorm windows. It was evident that he wants to run, but his legs would not obey . . . " Eat, O Lord! " - Muttered Gerish and pulled the trigger.

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" Your mind I do not like them comes something very bad, tell me what you think? " - A phrase heard in the minds of people did not like the sound and smell as sweet . . . " Is does it matter what I think it only applies to me - almost a whisper, but aloud he said. " If it prevents me, then goes for me, " - all the same sweetness row settled somewhere before our eyes, but at the same time, ordinary vision it is impossible to see. " Who are you? I can see you? " - Crazed voice rasped people. " Of course you can, youre sitting on my root is the time. " - I think Im crazy.

No, youre not crazy, just a time to learn something new, something entirely new. - And as it happened, why I understand you? - I do not know, my whole life youre the first people with whom I can talk. Answer: Please a question: what were you thinking?

Im curious to know why your thoughts are of a pain. - I thought about his personality, thought she was so insignificant, it does not deserve the attention of other people. It seems to me that all people are alike, only the states have different: someone discloses Someone closes the main to be yourself . . . .

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In this situation, there is nothing particularly new. Moreover, some individuals such things are quite satisfied. Try to imagine: a young man, sitting at night, alone with a computer and his solitude, with a complete lack of desire to sleep, and the bed is a feeling more akin to disgust ( ie, does not attract) .

Provide? Then read on. Quiet ( just wanted to say " intimate" , but does not sound it, where staunchly ordered that same notorious loneliness) , the music plays, a number of glass content, which is called cognac, and it ( content) is decreasing at a rate inversely proportional to the speed of writing of this creation. Actually cognac - means a lot of functionality. That is helping almost everything.

Such as: cold ( not less than 50 grams) , insomnia ( not less than 100 grams) , for impotence of psychological origin ( dose purely individual) and from melancholy and its subspecies ( from a bottle or more, depending on the origin of this melancholy) . Well, if the cause of melancholy is a bed ( to get this thing back to her back) , reminiscent of: a) about being alone, and b) the time of day, c) and that over the weekend no change in the number of people stacked up on it is not expected, a dose brandy should be so high . . . Personally, I do not have enough money.

True brandy, I drink that much in a state.

But cognac. And in general?

What bed? That is the question!

I opened the Soviet Encyclopedic Dictionary and . . . I can not find. Bed . . . same.

How little, it turns out, paid attention to this very serious matter! And in vain.

After all? 5nno on the bed ( or beds) , we spend almost a third of life. Under the bed is much smaller and not all of us.

The beds we ever made, but not all of us. And a huge part of the memories associated it with a bed, in one or another of its form ( sofa, chair, car seat and other Sleeping okolokrovatnye and derivatives) . And from this huge part, only a small part of a sexual connotation.

So does that mean that Freud was wrong? No, he was human, sex is really the driving force of life. A bed - just its manifestation, designed to give comfort in the process itself.

Although . . . Some couples are surprised when they learn that the bed suitable not only for sleeping, reading, and breakfast. Almost all of us fans of group sex, the third stands a bed, receiving the opposite sex to the owner. She falls in love and be faithful companion for life and not pay attention to your exercise with a friend ( friend) may be frigid and creak irritably at the most inopportune moments, you can immediately begin to hate ( hello insomnia) , and can wildly jealous. The saddest thing is jealousy bed.

For myself I know. My current bed made me very jealous of his wife ( the former) .

Stinking. Even when we had just met her once it showed a very loud way.

And again: Imagine the situation: the parents left for three days, an intimate dinner, a light wine, flickering candles . . . Once submitted? Well, then read again . . . Girl nervous . . . and innocent . . . ( Well, very afraid! ) . And from the table, the action flows in the bed ( I never get the word bed) .

Light kisses on the lips interspersed protestations of love . . . Kissing a more profound and long . . . Quite unexpected dialogue ( more like a monologue) on the topic: Do you love me then love you? . . . ( How young we were) , neck, ears . . . All istselovano . . . and the first stage is passed, the blouse slips with delicate shoulder and flies off into the twilight, bra . . . - No, wait, not so fast, Im afraid! . . . - Well, can I pupochek kiss? . . . - Can . . . oh . . . tickles! - And so? . . . - So . . .

Nooo . . . bra ( whats a castle? ) does not want to come unfastened . . . yeah, send in a flight around the room, and she watched him stare full of sadness . . . - What you have beautiful breasts . . . just lovely . . . little! . . . - Just . . . - Small! . . - The breast should be placed in the palm . . . - In whose? . . . - In my, in your palm not fit . . . see? . . . - No, I feel . . . thats all you can do with breasts? . . . - No, it can still . . . What? . . . - More . . . - What else? . . . - Please . . . chest really adorable . . . but in his eyes already and sadness do not see dropping below . . . below . . . so . . . skirt, zipper . . . - The devil! . . . - What? . . . - Zipper stuck! . . . - Should not . . . - But how? as if I had it every day with you shooting . . . and would like to . . . - Can you hate me after a week and nothing will learn to undo the zipper . . . Were telling you . . . pants leave ! ! ! . . . - Why? . . . - Because . . . Im afraid . . . - Do not worry, Ill kiss you . . . - Where? . . . - Here . . . and here . . . and here . . . - Mmm . . . can they better off? . . . - Why? . . . - To me theyll interfere . . . - There is a little . . .

Now . . . A flap of his hand, panties fly . . . and then heard a roar, raising a cloud of dust ( whose origin is shrouded in a mist of uncertainty) bed sags . . . Now, where, as usual, she hysterically running around the room in search of clothes, accusing me of all the deadly ( and other) sins, and runs ( with the cry: Do not follow me! ) In tears . . . Sadly, is not it? Are you interested in that bed?

Nothing in particular, manufacturing defects, the screws are not screwed, but scored with a hammer. A glue pity ( in those places where it is needed) . After all this, within a month I could not persuade her to meet with me, at least on neutral territory. And suffered taunts his father, who innocently asked: what should have been engaged in a new bed, what would she collapsed.

Well, what mother found panties on a bookshelf ( the dust has decided to wipe) , it is little things in life . . . Bed was terribly jealous. And then this jealousy manifested itself more than once . . . or two . . . All year and a half happy ( and not) of marriage, she ( bed) , once a month ( and sometimes more often) in every way showed his jealous temper. So, the most exciting moment of banging her ( his wife) on his head any hard part, then, at precisely the time when you need quiet, starts mocking squeak ( thats about to disintegrate) , then hid himself in urgent need of clothing, I was not talking about the number of condoms ( and use too) stolen it ( bed) . . .

So, with beds must be careful, do not you . . . Try to imagine, but, alas, without me.

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My husband and I were going to take a break from long workdays and go to rest. Since the aircraft I am afraid, took the train. We went into the compartment before, the neighbors had not seen until the train departure. It appeared to be tall, handsome guy, just seeing him between my legs was hot and I felt like my pussy moist. He makes things, we have presented, I was nice and polite, but his thoughts kept returning to our neighbor, between my legs, I furtively rubbing her clit and looked at him.

Husband and a neighbor began to talk, soon joined them and me.

Carefully flirted with him, flirting, adjusting her skirt and accidentally zadertuyu spolzshey straps of her bra.

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Two days after my last meeting with the girls. I was alone at home, parents should have been back only a day later.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang. I went to the door, stood on the threshold of Wick. - Hi, - she said, and went into the corridor - you alone? - Yes, but why are you alone?

How did you know that I am alone at home? - I did not know.

We got the girls had an idea, not worry, I will not be long now you have a long time. - What do you want from me? - Now you see, - said I - went into the hall. We settled in the hall. I have one of its glance, you need to undress and quickly took off his all. She smiled approvingly and reached into the bag. A moment later pulled out a vibrator. - Rommie, yesterday we were with the girls like to fuck you finger, and you yourself as we have learned much.

Therefore, we will now pay more attention to your ass. I quickly realized what she was driving and leaned on the sofa, becoming to her backside. A second later I felt a touch, she wiped around the anus of some cream, and followed him appointing one vibrator. - Relax, if you hang back will only hurt.

I tried to restrain power, and the vibrator slowly worm their way into my ass. Sticking it to the end, she walked away from me and photographed, then slowly began to move him back here.

Sensations, as with a finger in the previous times, were initially not very pleasant, but gradually appeared excited and members started to rise. A moment later, I started moving on his hand.

Now I myself have helped themselves. The feelings were inexpressible, in the head and the bells began after 15 seconds I nacho.

B rapidly finish the cheers of the wiki. For a minute I was lying with closed eyes, restoring power. - Wow - I heard a voice from the outside - it was great. Turning, I saw the door . . . my 18- year old sister, who had just returned from a walk. - Anya, youre a long time here - a shaky voice I asked. - Long enough to see what you are doing. Wick was not surprised even delighted at this turn of events. - Anya, Im Vicky!

We are with her friends for some time having fun with your brother. Want to join us? - Look at this, - said Vick and handed Ana disk - well, while I ran. - What is it? - See - said Vicky - go until you close the door behind him.

I was ready to burn with shame. On the one hand could take the disc with her sister, but on the other, it is me, shes already seen everything. With these thoughts, I went to the shower, and then to my room.

Before going to sleep in the room looked Anya, she crawled to my bed. - Roma, I really liked your video from you . . . - And what will you do? - Do not worry, I will not tell you, if you will obey me, like these girls! - I will not touch you often, you might even be pleasant. - Good. - Then prove it! - Anya rejuvenated and lifted her nightie - polizhi me here. Before me appeared shaven pussy my sister. It is now fashionable to shave quite all? I carefully began to drive tongue up and down, sometimes running it inside. - Faster, stronger - trying to manage my sister.

I tried to touch more of the clitoris, causing her to tremble more and more. - Here, - whispered the nurse. I started down the language to her anus. My sister started to respond even brighter.

Apparently she likes fondling the anus. Returning to the clitoris, I made her squirm with renewed vigor.

I felt that soon it will come orgasm. She gently grabbed me by the neck, hugged her and a moment came.

All my face was in her discharge. Smiling, she sat down beside me. - Roma, its not all Vicky said you like when playing with your ass, so you need to develop your abilities, put it here - she gave me her panties, with a small dildo from behind. - Are you crazy? Her face suddenly changed, and I realized that it is better not to argue with her.

It helped me to dress them. - Today Ill sleep with you, suddenly you want to remove them, we do not want this. Lights, we fell asleep Readers: Mail as before sneg 693@ mail. ru write criticism, suggestions, ideas and suggestions there. Remember, the output continuation depends primarily on the feedback of readers.

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As the summer I was at my grandmother on the sea, where then was, and my youngest cousin. I was 15 years of her 10. She is pretty and slender.

Chest only begun to emerge, but there were small hillocks, legs Gorny, tanned and slender. Tummy trim, Gorny. In the morning was overcast and dark clouds in the sky, but it was not raining.

I earnestly asked my grandmother to go to sea on a bicycle ( 7 km) . She allowed but on one condition, I must take my sister. There was no choice and we went together.

Arriving at the beach, to my surprise I saw that he was completely deserted. Bad weather and only I would like at sea. Do not hesitate, I proposed to swim naked, she refused, but I still took off shorts and jumped into the water. Long did not have to wait, my sister ( I was in her credibility) , followed my example and removed swimsuit.

Belenkaya line stood out that part of the body which were panties, and between the legs of a small rim. Everything was neatly and Gorny hair is not even in their way. We swam and splashed among those I looked at her and my cock got excited ( he even then was about 15 cm in length and 5 cm in diameter) . By chance she grabbed his hand and immediately withdrew it. What is it she asked.

I replied that I would do her good, but that would have been good to me and her she should do as I say. She expressed interest in my remarks, and agreed. We stood around his chest in the water, I turned her back to him and raised one hand clasping her armpits. Second hand pushed the skin with the member, and felt her anal hole. " There will be a little uncomfortable " I told her. Then head rested in her anus, and with his free hand grabbed her stomach and slowly began to push with her ass on his dick.

When the crown was the place she started to twitch and moan. " Hai hurt, its not I want " she cried, but I held her tightly and whispered in his ear - " Quiet boy, quiet, now its all over and will be fine. " And so the head is fully immersed in her warm hole, I have stopped the attack. A few seconds later I made an abrupt momentum and now all of 15 cm in it. She screamed. Now I had both hands on her waist and began to make slow shocks back, forward.

This went on for about 1- 2 minutes, I think she also began to get fun because you relaxed and completely surrendered under my control. We went on shore, she lay on her stomach on a blanket that we brought with them. I sat down and began stroking her back, waist, ass with one hand, I slipped between her little muffins and fingering anus with his finger penetrated her. She lay there and did not move. I spread her legs, knelt between her legs, bending over her, leaning on his hand, second hand, pushed one of her buttocks and bent down and inserted the cock in her hole, I began to push into her dignity as she lay submissively gave me A few minutes later I pulled out a member of her hole a few seconds, still remained open.

I lay down on her back, she was ordered to climb astride me, it is populated by a member and started jumping on it, with every movement she moaning. When I felt that there, there will be eruption, I asked to be sped up and she obeyed, I dropped into it the entire charge of sperm that was. A little rested, we have another swim and went home. And at home when all were asleep, she ran to me and asked to repeat what we have done at sea. That summer, I fucked her every day, and more often and more than once.

Everywhere we went with her, she wore with a tube of baby cream. I fucked her in the barn, and in the kitchen when there was none, and even in the hen house, she often asked, could she nymphomaniac? I do not know but I liked it!